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Fully owned platform of the Emmar Family Offices; AlternationsTech, is a bespoke acquisitions & development platform. Registered and managed as a Fund of Hedge; AlternationsTech utilises its underlying vertical integrations with specialized focus initiatives in Infrastructure, Real Estate & Financial Assets. 
Alternations is an institutional active investment platform and is capitalized by global debt & equity capital markets. 



The PEOPLE MOVES initiative of the Family Offices through this specialized and bespoke investment platform, AlternationsTech; the focus of the investments lie in creating sustainable investments and seamless access to physical asset portfolios alongside integrated financial institutions and banking acquisitions. 

Specialised Vertically Integrated Acquisitions & Investment Platforms to cater the Capital Markets industries; the units can create and underwrite major issuances spanning debt & equity linked securities and instruments. 

The business model allows us to creating a massive spread on our capabilities to creating and managing fixed income potential through fully risk managed and underwritten issuances allowing for transparent investing in bespoke portfolio constructs. 


Acquisitions and Recapitalizations of major umbrella management banking & corporate positions worldwide


Greenfield & Brownfield assets with our underlying take over platforms to develop and manage a sustainable platform in collaboration with globally leading development corporations. 


Specialised verticals offering standard asset and fund management solutions in collaboration with global equity investment platforms. 

Securitized Notes

Securitized issuances in accordance to laws of securitization; offered through our regulated platforms in Luxembourg EU. 

Prime Company promoted by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan. Emmar Alternation Tech is an operational holding company with a wide range of downstream entities specialised in fiduciary, asset management & active investments. A technology based investor; Emmar Alternation hosts a sophisticated management company with an integrated banking structure along with all requisite securities handling and management systems of logistics and communications. Our platforms have integrated a host of structured solutions spanning capacities to privately place through risk management compartments and our regulated auditing is conducted on a seamless methodology adopted to ensure transparency and compliance at every stage.

Emmar Alternations also adopts requisite strategies through our partners and incorporates all requisite amalgamated structures to ensure a clear deliverance protocols to our institutional investor base.


Infrastructure Fixed Income Portfolios

One of the EMFAM's key market space; Infrastructure assets and portfolios of InVits [synthetic constructs] are a prime target space for active investments. The pools are typically selected based of the InVit management profile. Our approach is focused on selection of assets which are developed and are yielding with strong technology, operation and maintenance and a large focus is driven to the geo political locations of the assets, the risk management structures utilised by the developer-promoters; the off-take profiles and investment risk - credit risk profiles. The EMFAM works in conjunction with global majors in technology to underwrite the assets to be acquired. Our constructs are built with an in-depth research and development & analytical teams incorporated for optimization, risk management and credit risk underwriting potential. Focused on Power Generation, Water Treatment, Distribution, Logistics, Urban Transport; the EMFAM structures its investments in secondary or bespoke capital market structures with underlying asset backed securities. 

Financial Institutions

Banking Industries

A core focus of the Family Offices is to invest and acquire currently performing institutions and corporates in the banking and financial solutions sector. The EMFAM has a current exclusive roster under consideration of over 3 EU based Banks with full licenses and performing brands within the retail and wholesale sectors. The EMFAM is also working on acquiring smaller private banks, asset management companies and other fiduciary services. The segment forms one of our core growth structure envisioned through the acquisition of banking and financial market corporations. 

Luxury Hospitality

Hospitality Industry

A sophisticated acquisition structure modelled and in conjunction with globally leading equity and debt partners specialised in the acquisitions of Luxury Hospitality assets and REITS [Synthetic Constructs]. 


Debt Markets

Fixed Income 

The EMFAM has a core market focus in debt & debt-linked securities arising from the global capital markets. The instruments range Bonds, Medium Term Notes, Long Term Notes, Loan  & Debt Obligations, Mortgage & Asset Backed Securities. EMFAM's specialised asset management vertical also offers a global market solution to the sell side markets as well. 

The Debt Capital Markets are secure issuances managed under a regulated purview. In conjunction with world leading banking partners AlternationsTech is a technology driven hedge fund structure that allows our sell side partners to access the structured platforms of our underlying advisory units to create bespoke issuance modalities. 

Equity Linked Markets


The EMFAM owned hedge markets specialise in providing our institutional investor base to invest in structured constructs deriving cash flows through a highly specialized and proprietary product of AlternationsTech focused on optimising equity risks in the global asset backed markets. 

Some of the world's best equity portfolios also face high degrees of risks in market volatilities expected in the post Covid world. The world experiences multiple problems across the geo political space and with an ever shrinking gap between people across the world; the equity linked markets and structured products to providing security to institutional investors looking at equity based returns; Alternations is a pioneer in producing highly specific market products defined to suit our institutional base of investors. 


Our specialised asset management compartments and verticals are housed from a range of onshore, offshore & mid shore markets. 

Regulated to a global investments purview and managed under the Laws of the Securities Commissions worldwide, the structures are fully compliant to all regulatory needs is specific to the domicile markets'  requirements. 

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