The Emmar Family Offices was established in the year 1976 by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan as a family business. The Company was established as Emmar Machine Tools and has remained one of India's pioneers in introducing European Automation Technology for high production solutions to the Indian Railways, Defence, R&D, Steel, Power and Energy Industries. Emmar's contribution to the growth of the Indian Industrial markets is well recognised by most public sector units owned by the Government Of India. The Restructuring of the company was established in the year 2013 as the Emmar Family Offices Pte. Ltd., in Singapore. The Family Offices boasts of a major collaborative approach with one of Asia's largest banking conglomerates and is an active investor to the Family's interests in Acquisitions, Investments globally. 

The Emmar Family Offices in conjunction with our partner family office Elision Family Offices also host a strategic alliance with one of the oldest banking families with a full range of solutions linked to private banking and securities management. Our partners with governance under the SEC of the United States, FINMA standards of Switzerland; an AUM of over 30 Billion USD; the EMFAM has built a niche market space worldwide. 

The Emmar owned private investment venture DOMINION CAPITAL CORPORATION currently hosts over 20 Billion USD in Assets under Administration with one of the largest fiduciary banks in the Middle Eastern Market Segment; with a host of Investment Grade securities under administration; our capacities to raise capital on a strategic module; the EMFAM brings together a highly sophisticated and bespoke prospectus to the markets. 

The Emmar Family Offices is a fully private office and does not manage any retail or public monies or assets. All our global active investment operations are conducted through three major platforms; GN Capital Corporation, Axon Capital Markets [Owned through Dominion Capital Corporation], The Maverick Fund [Owned under the GN Capital Corporation Umbrella]. While all our venture holdings are held in London, United Kingdom; downstream funds and regulated investment vehicles are spread across Onshore, Mid-Shore and Offshore locations depending on our transaction space and modules. 

The Emmar Family Offices Singapore is a feeder to our Family Owned funds and private equity vehicles. Our current capacities as a Private Investor expand over an equity capacity of upto 500 Million USD and we invest through our structured platforms as maybe needed. 

We are active direct investors capitalised by Debt Capital Market Investors; Investors with a defined strategy of investing in our Collateralised Fund Obligations issued by our regulated funds or unregulated investment vehicles which encompass a downstream equity linked or debt position in assets ranging banking portfolios to asset backed securities originating from Infrastructures & Real Estate markets. 

We globally brand our major investment schedules under AXON which is a fully owned subsidiary of the DCC. While Dominion Capital is a yield management umbrella corporation, all Administration Rights of debt and hybrid securities are signed through our specialised Capital Markets Management vertical; Axon Asset Management; a downstream of Axon Capital. 


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The Emmar Family Offices is a private office & solely manages the business interests of the Family. The EMFAM Offices do not manage any external funds, retail funds or public monies. The Offices manage the Ownership Portfolio of Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan and does not provide any advisory or investment services to external funds of any type. The company or its promoters, staff, partners & associates do not take any liability of any form to the visitors of this website. The Information contained herein is solely for information purposes and for understanding the private offices and business ventures owned by the Family. We take no liabilities to information published in the website and we reserve the rights to respond to any contact made with us or our associates or partners. We host no agents or representatives and in the case anyone or any entity claims to work in partnership with us or with our promoters; we request that a full due diligence is conducted or you may write to us legal [at] emfamoffices.com

The core market ideology of the Family Offices is to creating a large base of institutional corporations on balance sheets which allows us a leveraged market spot in underlying growth patterns and modules. 

With a unique approach and high access to capital resources; the Emmar Family Offices is a one of a kind entity with a massive range of investors and liquidity providers that allow us to remain sector agnostic. 

Our focus markets are dominantly based on acquiring institutional financial corporations, banks with existing portfolios of activities. Other markets include acquisitions of infrastructure development corporations with an existing portfolio, history and legacy. The growth module of the family offices is accelerated through our access to capital to acquisition of large scale transactional needs and merged with our full capacities to underwrite the underlying base with our investors; the EMFAM owns a state of the art capital markets platform. 

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Growth Capital

The Singapore domiciled feeder to the family office growth needs is met with our strategic collaboration with one of Singapore's largest securities and banking group providing us liquidity against our in-house capacities to providing our capacity to underwrite our liquidity needs for growth capital. With over 200 Billion USD in AUM; our partners bring in a highly tactical positioning with our capital needs for growth. 

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The Family Trust Management

The Trust is managed through a professional ManCo providing us a full range of highly exclusive and bespoke management structure with offices in London, Singapore, New York and other major locations. The Family Offices host a professional management system with the core ideology of creating wealth for re-investments including a socio-economic for profit view to invest in small ventures downstream as a re-investment initiative. 

The Trust is fully privatised and is not under any special grants or subsidies of the Government of India. The trust is aimed at providing direct or indirect employment through investments of the private wealth. Other social causes are run on a separate compartmentalised program to offer the under privileged with scope to education, skill training. 

Industrial education is another path of socio-economic purview under the family trust. With a large background in Industrial skill development; one of the key market presence is to cater to health, sill development and employment potential. 

An entrepreneurial module incorporated is to invest in ventures for small and medium scale growth with our offices providing ample experience in business management and administrative support alongside bankrolling a few assets in the process. 

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