Ventures holding entity of the RI Family Wealth Trust; GNCC manages the yields derived from its underlying ventures held through the Emmar Family Offices LLP; GNCC also hosts a series of direct investment platforms under a regulated purview in the Luxembourg Markets; The MAVERICK FUND; a specialised luxury hospitality & retail real estate investment fund; the Maverick Fund also hosts compartments in investing with long term power & energy yielding assets. Capitalized by global institutional banking and accredited investment networks; the Maverick Fund is a debt capital markets focused manager. 

The ventures founded by Gosakan Narayanan are focused on the capital markets and a range of solutions encompassing capital market instrument needs and variations. 

Integrated with a regulated management company for globalisation; the GNCC has remained focused in developing structured acquisition & investment platforms catering specific needs of our global investor base. 

Built on ethics and a strong business understanding of major market segments of power, energy & real estate; the GNCC operates through the Emmar Family Offices LLP and has established a global base of accredited investors investing in a multi-layer structuring of our collateralised fund obligations and management schedules. 

Creating an indirect large scale employment initiative; the GNCC undertakes a massive initiative in both developing and acquiring capital assets globally. Primarily focused to acquiring strategic assets that have the window to restructure and re-brand under the GNCC to being more sophisticated in its global business approach; the strength of our flexibility is driven toward creating large liquidity potential to boosting global performance ratio of large scale corporations and managing these corporations under a more optimised regime




With a full range of highly skilled human resource base; domiciled in London [UK], Canada & India; AXAM hedges the risks of AX’ investments through a strong management and underwriting schedule. 


Helmed by a Head of Investments; AX'ASSETS hosts a wholistic corporate base providing AXCAP with requisite underwriting and management. 


Axon works in conjunction with global Fund Managers & Funds to launch and manage structured portfolio investment vehicles & regulated funds. 


The funds typically provide AXCAP with asset backed securities and equity linked underlying derivatives to acquire through a Master Limited Partnership.

AX'ASSETS core is in providing its investors with a secure market environment; risk analysis, risk management employed with global investment grade underwriting institutions; Investors can rest assured on the management base created on a bespoke platform. 

AX'ASSETS hosts a full service structure of employment including and not restructured to Book Runners, IPAs, Bond Managers, Legal Teams and Institutional Auditing and Asset Management. Vertically integrated in the asset management space.



Our primary holding, Dominion Capital Corporation [DCC], with the ideology and structured vision incorporation of the Family Trust; today manages over 21.5 Billion of Assets Under our Administration and we are by far one of the most sought after private placement agency through our downstream venture AXAM; and a well regarded investor by major fiduciary institutions and banks from the Middle East, Asia, South America and other parts of the world. 

Our approach is flexible, we work on the understanding of people, markets and risks all in an encompassing model which allows us to seamlessly structure the requirements of each market capacity, the potential to creating alternative liquidity systems and providing a strong base for our investors worldwide in tackling major issues of the emerging markets while remaining focused on quality returns and risk management schedules. 

Private Offices of Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan, the Emmar Family Offices manages the global business interests held by the Family Trust. 

The Family owns and operates a range of platforms that invest in acquiring assets worldwide alongside some service oriented verticals. The Family Office manages the yields from these ventures for the trust. The Family Trust is held under discretionary management and is managed by a fully regulated institution providing us with an establishment that gives us regulated funds from Luxembourg, Cayman, BVI alongside management of our ventures domiciled in London, United Kingdom. 



The GN Capital Corporation was established by Gosakan Narayanan to create specialised ventures with a global outlook. The key to investments is our capacity to work in tandem with global capital markets; a purview undertaken to manage a global need of alternative capital; capital that is flexible while being well defined & risk mitigated. The ventures are poised in a manner to providing our investor base access to global assets and underlying pools and portfolios of highly potent derivatives; while keeping the highest degree of underwriting capacities to risk transfer, manage and providing our investor base for secure fixed income potential while investing in mid-high yield portfolios. 

The ventures have been established to providing a wide array of integrated solutions which makes us a unique yet bespoke provider of collateralised fund obligations. These CFOs are built on strong yielding mechanisms to creating the liquidity situation for free cash flows to equity; the system also provides the investors with strong risk managed profiles and a fully integrated markets approach allowing the investor base to invest in investment grade instruments issued by our downstream regulated entities. 


Global Liquidity

In conjunction with two of the world's largest institutional banking partners; the Family Offices have developed a strong alliance with major banking and institutional partners providing liquidity to our capital markets venture Ax;Cap to acquiring large scale corporations in the banking and financial markets alongside structured liquidity to our collateralised fund obligations to underpinning asset backed derivatives and securities. With a current AUM of the partner institutions exceeding 300 Billion USD and full scale commercial and private banking capacities; Axon has a massive draw down potential based on our underwriting capacities. 

Private & Investment Banking Capacities

With a cumulative 80 years of banking experience and over 30 Billion USD in AUM; The Family office major capital management partners bring a wealth of experience and asset optimisation structures through to liquidity management across the asset classes. The structures are managed through the Axon owned Asset Management downstream vertical providing a structured liquidity option to the Family Owned businesses looking to raising tactical capital. 

Governed under the SEC, FINRA and full capacity banking and securitises management capacities; the Family Office partnership brings to life a wide solution base to active liquidity origination and management on alternative assets worldwide.